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    During my interview assignment, I learned that young adolescents are rarely referred for psychosocial care related to sexuality, which makes sense given that adolescents even when technically adult age and able to provide informed consent themselves still usually rely on their parents to help them make decisions. She noted that in late adolescence, this population is still working through sexuality issues, and discussed how cancer affects sexuality. This made me realize that continuing to open up the discussion about sexuality with all populations is important, especially the young, young adult populations. Cancer survivors do not need to have a partner or be actively participating in sexual practices for the topic of sexuality to affect them. Dating, body image, uncertainty about the future, uncertainty about when/how to disclose cancer diagnosis to others….all of these are important topics to bring up in psychotherapy at different time points. A confidently posed question or snippet of psychoeducation dosed out often over time can help to normalize these conversations and aid patients in being more open to discuss these topics.

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