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    I really appreciate the whole ECHO training program.  It has given me so much knowledge and arsenal of tools for my patients.  I work for a Catholic hospital. The one thing I address is their religious beliefs. I do believe assessing the patient’s belief system can lead some discussion too. What is morally right in their eyes? The article adds a different point of view depending on the religion/faith.


    Thank you for this post. The topic of how religious beliefs influence individuals’ decision-making regarding fertility is important. I agree with the above point that each individual and family will have different views regarding what is morally right. The article is helpful to provide a basic premise for different religious views.


    I also have had patients and families struggle with what to do with banking if the patient dies.  Ethically and legally.  It’s an important topic to discuss up front as well.  Difficult, but important.


    I have often found in end-of-life discussions with adults that their wishes do not necessarily coincide with the teachings of their particular faith. I’ve learned to make no assumptions, but to explore their desires and ability of their family to carry them out. I’m curious as to whether those of you who work with adolescents and young adults have found the patient or their family members to consistently hone to their faith’s teachings and whether their consultations with their local faith leaders allow them to expand what may be seen as ethical.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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