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    I really liked the open approach the social worker used with him.  She did not skirt around the subject but was very direct and to the point which I think is important.  In my previous work as an RN on an inpatient heme/onc unit, fertility was often a topic of discussion because we treated a lot of acute luekemia and lymphoma patients who receive regimens that will impact their fertility.  Some doctors are better at this discussion than others but it was always a “checkbox” on our list of things to discuss during our chemotherapy teaching sessions.  We delayed chemotherapy multiple times for patients to have a chance at preserving their sperm/eggs.  As an NP now, we talk a lot about fertility in regards to survivorship.  Infertility plays a large effect on the psyche of a survivor, especially if they always dreamed of having a family.  As a lot of my personal friends have dealt with infertility, I know firsthand the amount of depression and social isolation it can bring upon someone especially when all their other friends are having children.  I would love to be able to sponsor an AYA led cancer survivorship support group on infertility; I feel it is really an unmet need.

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