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    The provider in the example seemed uncomfortable, thus making the patient appear uncomfortable. The “sex talk” is never easy for a patient of any age, and can easily become uncomfortable for the patient and the provider. And it is often a topic that patients don’t feel comfortable bringing up themselves. However, it is so important in our oncology world and one that often gets avoided due to the nature of the talk. I think providers and team members, in general, could often benefit from more thorough education so they feel confident in teaching patients. The more confident someone is in the information they are giving, the less awkward it is going to be. This will also give the patient more confidence that they are receiving reliable information and feel more comfortable opening up with further questions. This is even more important when working with adolescents, especially early adolescents, who are usually already embarrassed talking about these topics and may be scared to share anything in fear that their parents may learn something they’ve been hiding.

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