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    This video was a great example of how to have these tough conversations. The social worker didn’t rush through the information and didn’t  just focus on the patient. She allowed the couple space to share how they felt about the fertility issues and made sure they had time to process and express themselves. It can be easy for providers to ‘jump to’ a solution or a decision, because its easier than sitting with the reality of the situation. This social worker did a great job of normalizing their thoughts and taking things one step at a time.


    Yes, she also started by asking where they were and their understanding of the current situation before suggesting anything at all. She allowed them to do most of the talking, which was excellent. I’m not sure how we would hook patient partners up with each other to talk about this, given the HIPAA rules. I would have to look into that at my institution.


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    I agree.  The social worker did an amazing job exploring where the couple stand and what are they most worried.  She did allow the space to explore together not only their needs but also their resources.



    Yes. This was a great video showing how conversations flow between patient and partner and provider. I like how the social worker started the conversation by checking in with the patient and partner. She also did some follow up from their previous conversations. Instead of providing information, she asked open-ended questions to give space for the patient and partner to share their experiences. Rather than attempting to solve the problems, the social worker explored the options that the patient and partner might have and assessed how they were using resources surrounding them. I truly enjoyed this video.

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