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    I liked the manner of the interviewer and her relaxed style in discussing sexuality with the patient.  I’m aware that the intention of these films is to offer exemplars of interview skills and strategies to help us implement what we’re learning in the course.  One element that has not been highlighted so far is inviting more questions and participation from the patient and family.  The great majority of time in these vignettes involve very little interaction, they are primarily teaching.   It would be useful to see a video in which pt and partner or family are drawn out to discuss their concerns or doubts, and to confirm their understanding of the teaching points.  Related to this is my attraction to the BLISSS model over the BETTER model for the interview.  BLISSS includes listening and support and the emphasis in BETTER is on explaining and telling.   Elements of both are needed.  I’m inclined to include more emphasis on listening in the encounter.

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