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    The only thing that I would do differently is give the patient more time to talk.  Especially if he needed to express concerns related to not being informed of his fertility options early.


    I completely agree. She directed the entire conversation and provided a lot of information very quickly without giving him much opportunity to talk or find out what his goals may be regarding fertility. Thanks for your post.


    I agree with you both. I liked the information she shared, and she clearly provided a good basis for discussion, but some of the topics/transitions happened a bit quickly without time for processing (e.g., she transitioned to talking about adoption fairly quickly, and I think this could strike a nerve with patients without adequate preparation).


    I like that she diffused the situation in the beginning when he mentioned that he was not informed of his fertility options prior to treatment and not dwell on the mishap. However, agree with everyone that she rushed out of that too quickly, thus did not allow him to share his feelings or concerns when it may be good to hear his input even if it’s constructive criticism to improve future events.


    I agree as well.  While she shared some good information, it felt rushed and did not allow sufficient time for the patient to process what was being said.  Often times, sensitive issues such as this need extra time to make sure that the patient has the opportunity to share their thoughts and reactions to what is being said.


    I think she could have asked more open ended questions, such as tell me more about your relationship with your girlfriend right now or tell me about what you want to get out of our conversation today.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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