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    I would choose the same approach as the Social Worker in the video. She was able to explore the patients perceptive and feelings about the information shared. She also provided options for fertility and  mentioned the 12% population that has trouble with fertility even without cancer. The patient was more comfortable and hopeful after having the conversion.


    I agree it’s important for our cancer survivors to understand there is a relative risk of fertility in the general population.  I like that she was able to point out right away that there are alliterative family planning options like adoption available to him . Also, good to talk about bringing his partner into the conversation since he was also worried about her reaction.


    I agree in the way that the situation was handled.  Sometimes it is difficult to broach the topic with young patients as they haven’t given fertility much thought at this point in their life.  It was nice to see that she gave specific statistics and also gave him all of the options that were available to him.   Going through cancer treatment in itself is daunting, but this multidisciplinary approach was quite effective.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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