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    To many, the egg retrieval process may seem daunting, scary, and may strike fear in some. In reality, the procedure is a quick procedure that can provide comfort for patients who face chemotherapy and the potential for infertility. The patient in the video, overwhelmed from the diagnosis of cancer, is understandably nervous, and asks few questions to the specialist (however, they were educated questions that prompted good discussion). The specialist provided good information to the patient in a way that she could understand, and seemed to provide comfort at that time regarding the fertility process. However, as onĀ  my floor, receiving fertility information while also trying to come to grips with diagnosis can be challenging for the patient to retain anything outside of that diagnosis. In my opinion, written educational material, coupled with other visits by the specialist could have allowed the patient time to go over what she was told, as well as let the specialist follow up with the patient and answer any questions that might come up later. This would provide comfort, allow for an educated decision process, and build rapport with the patient and specialist for further treatment.

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