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    I found the video to provide several interesting and informative points. While I have not found myself in a situation like this, I would hope that I would be able to provide the patient a warm caring environment in which he could feel comfortable to state how he was feeling. While I feel this was accomplished from the start, I do wish that the social worker had provided some time in between what she was saying to allow him time to process and ask questions or just to make a comment, like “that is how I feel” or “ I don’t know that” or even “yes”. While providing the information about the issue of infertility is very important, it almost seemed like it was presented in a PowerPoint manner: again, would have liked to have some periods of silence or even ask part way through if he had questions up to that point.


    I agree with your point here. While it is important to share the information and make sure the patient understands the details, it is also imperative for the social worker, or any other professional dealing with this sensitive topic, to be mindful of the potential weight it could carry for the patient emotionally. We are learning this information on a factual level, therefore it is easy to forget how important this issue could be for some of our patients. I hope I would create a safe and trusting environment where the patient felt I provided empathy and understanding.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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