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    This talk is really one that is very challenging. You clearly have an overwhelmed teen and his parents who are not quite ready to have this talk but due to treatment time constraints education needs to be done and decisions need to be made.

    I would have liked to know how the family prefers  to receive information, verbal, in writing or visual aids.  I like to talk about risk associated with the planned treatment and discuss some key paths for decision making like teens motivation for family planning options, ability to provide semen sample and anticipated costs .


    I appreciate that this is a scenario where it was a provider  and care team driven referral and it looks like there is clinical time being set aside to be able to have his crucial conversation.


    If any one has decision making trees for pediatric oncofertility options or visual aids that help families with the decision making process I would love to be provided with resources.




    Those are some very good points about finding out how the family prefers to receive information. Some individuals are  more comfortable receiving information in different ways other than verbal.  I also think that a written copy of all topics discussed should be provided to the family so they can read for knowledge and refresh their minds about what was discussed once they are home.


    anticipated costs is a good point as well. Maybe I have missed it but I haven’t seen much discussion about that with patients and their families. unfortunately, that is something that may deter a patient as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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