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    I thought the provider in the video did a good job of explaining to the patient overall. I do thing having educational materials available to the patient that she could review with her during the visit would have been helpful. The patient has a new cancer diagnosis and already has a lot going on, including focusing on the cancer treatment and everything that that entails so retaining all of the information during this meeting would be very hard. Providing educational materials would help with this and would allow the patient to have something to go back to. I thought the patient did ask some great questions of the provider. As a oncofertility nurse practitioner, I always remind my patients in the first visit that they will probably go home and come up with a plethora of other questions. I make sure to discuss with them that I have an open door policy, so if they do have further questions to please reach out to me so I can get these answered.


    I agree that having materials to read at any time can be very helpful when trying to adjust to a cancer diagnosis. Encouraging making notes and writing down questions when reviewing the materials can help understand the process at the persons pace.



    These are great suggestions. The only thing I would add is that there are likely to be a lot of questions that overlap between patients. Perhaps creating a FAQ or Commonly Asked Questions list, with appropriate/accurate responses, might be a way to help reduce confusion and educate patients once they are past the initial shock of the diagnosis and information overload.


    I agree, the nurse did an excellent job explaining the egg retrieval process. She is so incredibly knowledgeable! I loved that she acknowledged the¬†awkwardness of the gynecological exam. It helped ease the tension a little bit and made the information that she was talking about relatable. I also felt that her timing and delivery of information was at great pace. However, adding a few opportunities to check for understanding or ask asking a few open ended questions (“What questions do you have about…..?”) while discussing the process would help to break up some of the content and material. There was one moment during the video that really stood out to me, and that was when the nurse began explaining the insertion of the needle to retrieve the eggs. The patient was displaying a lot of non-verbals of worry and being overwhelmed by the information she was hearing. Adding an opportunity to pause and acknowledge her feelings and to check for understanding or questions would have been helpful to the patients understanding and learning proess.

    As for educational materials, this is the one thing that was lacking in this video. I imagine having a process chart with pictures and titles with simple explanations of each step before, during, and after the egg retrieval process would be helpful to guide the conversation from start to finish. I also love the idea of having an additional handout/ calendar that illustrates the start of the period to starting injections on day 2 of the period and continuing for 10 days/until the follicles are fully developed. As well as information/intervals for blood work and ultrasounds during this process.


    I appreciated how calm the nurse was and that the conversation or procedure did not feel rushed. I agree about open ended questions, although the patient did nod her head along showing nonverbal communication of understanding. We do not know what type of learner the patient is and perhaps written or visual handouts would have helped her. I do think the ending should have included more communication about how to contact her with more questions. I imagine the patient will leave and process the information and then have more questions. The only other thing that could have been done is asking about a support system or if she wanted anyone else to be a part of the conversation.

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