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    Patient seemed very nervous and apprehensive during the visit. I may have asked if she had any questions after explaining each part. If I were someone who had limited knowledge of how the process worked I would have limited my presentation to her as just a brief overview of the steps by just basically stating it involves see a fertility specialist for evaluation, then stimulation and retrieval without going through the detailed specifics and would have deferred that to the fertility provider when they meet. I would try to have information for time frame and cost. If I did not have the answer on risk I would not try to make a guess and attempt to guess at that.


    I agree, the patient seemed anxious and that was a lot of information, i wonder if a paper or a handout of some kind to walk through together would help. Although, maybe that’s what they do at the first meeting with a fertility specialist


    I agree, the patient seemed overwhelmed during parts of the interview and at times with all the information being shared. I wonder if having a diaphragm to be able to walk her through the process would have made her more comfortable.  The patient seemed a bit uncomfortable with the conversation about the examination process.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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