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    Although we do not have a large number of patients aged 15-39, the patients we do encounter in this age group and have discussions about their risk on fertility (often times definitive for us because we are surgically removing reproductive organs) are very hesitant to go forward with an actual fertility preservation referral.  Until recently our providers were not even aware that the egg retrieval process could be carried out in a 2 week time frame, and therefore not substantially hindering their cancer treatment.  Even with educating our patients about this option, many continue to decline referrals as they are more concerned about their timely cancer treatment.  I believe that getting diagnosed with cancer and having often times less than 1 week to process that news, plus discuss long-term fertility with their partner, let alone process it themselves is too burdensome for the patient and with the added stress of cost, etc, they often feel like they truly “have no other option” but to decline retrieval options.  I hope with completing this course I can help our dept and patients overcome this big barrier.

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