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    I think this practitioner did a fantastic job of calmly explaining the egg retrieval process. I previously have not had this amount of knowledge regarding the process, but I am learning a significant amount through this course. I have had patient’s ask me about fertility and options in the past and have referred them to a fertility specialist that is equipped with handling cancer patients. In the future, I hope I am able to provide some of this information to patient’s prior to referring them to a specialist for further fertility preservation discussion and management. I think if we can help provide some of the basic info and some reassurance to these patients, they will walk into a fertility specialist office having a basic idea of what to expect and not have as much anxiety and perhaps be able to develop questions to ask prior to their fertility appts. This video was great and provides a model of how to provide detailed info to patients interested in pursuing fertility preservation.


    I agree that the provider did a great job of explaining the procedure.  However, the patient looked very overwhelmed and I think the level of the discussion was 1 level too high for the amount of mental clarity and understanding she had at the time.  A diagram could have been very helpful as it can show the same process and use less words.  Asking the patient to repeat back what was said is a good way to assess her understanding.


    This video definitely increased my knowledge of the retrieval process. I am so glad to have accurate information, as the topic periodically arises in our nursing office, and now I can provide factual information to my coworkers. Also, I do think it is important to take the time to inform patients of their options, as well as respect their wishes to explore fertility options should they choose to do so. It seems like we as providers are always in a hurry, and we put that on the patients. If treatment is truly urgent, that is one thing, but if we can safely wait a few weeks, this would at least allow the patients the opportunity to make a grounded decision.


    I did benefit from the plethora of information offered by this video.  It’s really good for us to know. However, as someone stated above, this is a lot for a newly diagnosed patient to digest.  When we refer a patient to a reproductive specialist, I don’t think we need to feel obligated to go into that much detail. We can ask the patient what they might like to know. If they aren’t ready for it, we can let the reproductive specialist do their thing and explain. Awesome stuff here!


    This video was very specific and showed a real situation of a young woman who was nervous with many questions about What is our next step?

    I agree with a basic information the first day is enough-They will be less anxious and can understand more their options.

    As a clinical psychologist is important to listen to their concerns -Fear, Hopeless, Sadness-How are you feeling Today? Normalize the situation-is a process…I agree 100 % Awesome information!


    I also agree that this was a great video.  I also learned a great deal.  I can only imagine how afraid I would feel having to absorb this information but also having to live with a potential consequence of the hormone treatment.  The fertility specialist did a great job.  I would personally add a handout / maybe a drawing of the process to aid in memory.

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