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    I have spent 5 years in adult oncology. Our practice did not have OBGYN so outside of the rare breast with genetic markers, we didn’t get many patients within the age range of preserving fertility. Most often our patient would laugh when we brought up fertility while we would obtain consents. So this entire talk was new information to me. As an infusion nurse, we don’t see the patient really until they are sitting in the chair getting ready to start treatment nor do we have a contact person we could ask to sit in with while they educated a patient.

    This information was very good for me, as a medical professional. However, I don’t think it would be that beneficial to someone who is just starting. It was a far bigger process than I was expecting. I can’t imagine how much more this would make me feel in light of a new diagnosis. Though, I was very happy that in terms of time, it was actually possible and didn’t need an answer and a start within the next couple of days. I understand that may very well be the case for a lot different diagnosis.

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