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    One of the lessons I have learned through being an oncology social worker has always been to start where the patient is.  Simple as do an assessment of the patient and exploring what they are feeling, thinking, and what opinions on the matter they have.  I would start different from her as she right away starts providing information about fertility and options.  I would first approach the patient and explore his needs, feelings and thoughts. Then based on those responses go into what type of information would be most beneficial to him.    As the information the social work provides can be overwhelming and if he is not interested that may create some sort of conflict between the social worker and the patient.  He only mentioned his girlfriend but did not say anything about fertility affecting himself.


    I feel I would explore his thoughts and feelings prior to discussing options for fertility options.  Also what he has heard or researched about fertilization after treatment.   Especially myths and unproven facts.   From a nursing standpoint, I would be interested in this diagnosis and date of the last treatment.   So much information at the first visit he may only remember the worst outcome of infertility options (adoption etc) without knowing he is infertile or not.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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