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    As others have mentioned, I do believe that the psychologist had a very calm demeanor about him and did provide an environment which was safe and reassuring that whatever decision is right for their family is their decision. In thinking about how to provide developmentally appropriate information (not only to the minor child but also in a way the parents can understand) I do feel as though when he mentions the hypothalamic-pituitary pathway that may have been at too high of a level for them to comprehend (especially since the father seems not prepared to be discussing fertility as he seems to be struggling with the diagnosis at this point; his wife did not comment but did nod her head indicating that she is desiring discussing fertility options; the child did not speak so unsure of where he is at); maybe saying a process exists and that he could give them more information about this if they were interested. I may have asked if the 15 year old wanted to discuss his feelings alone without his parents as well to see if he would be more comfortable opening up.


    I agree with what you had to say. It was very hard to judge where the mother and patient were at in their understanding and concerns.  I also think asking the patient if he wanted to discuss his feelings along would’ve been important.  I also agree the HPA discussion was too much for them.  I also don’t think he did a good job explaining sperm banking or the process.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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