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    When discussing safe-sex practices with a heterosexual female, I would first ask about her sexual activity/interest and any current contraceptives being used to tailor the conversation to include salient topics and information. I would recommend dual contraceptive methods to prevent both unwanted pregnancy and STIs and explain the distinction between the two in developmentally-appropriate language. For younger females who are not sexually active but interested in sexual activity, my discussion would focus on access to contraceptives and strategies for infection prevention. For older females who are sexually active, I would discuss the importance of using barrier methods, in addition to other forms of contraception for preventing infection and pregnancy. For females who are sexually active and partnered, I would explore alternative forms of intimacy for her and her partner if sexual activity presented a risk to cancer treatment. If no risks were identified, I would still share the risks of becoming pregnant while receiving treatment and explore contraceptive methods to support her sexual health.

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