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    I think it’s important as a clinician to have a better understanding of the patient and his family’s understanding of fertility concerns.  If they did not have an understanding, as in this video, I would start with the basics. I would explain the risks of treatment on his future fertility as well as the basics on sperm banking.  I would then give the patient and the family time to digest the information presented so that they could formulate questions if they had any.  Handouts could be helpful, I also think a list of websites may be more pertinent to the AYA patient so that they can find good information on the internet.   I would then schedule another appointment, whether it’s later that day or the following days, with them to discuss their questions or concerns.  Asking them to make a decision on fertility preservation without having time to synthesis the information is not fair to the patient or his family.


    I agree with written information, handouts, and reliable resources the patient and family can refer to because it is overwhelming to get diagnosed with cancer, worrying about treatment and prognosis, and to have to make a decision regarding the potential future you may or may not have. There are way too much false or misleading information on the internet, it would be best to direct the patient to the right source and support to help make the right decision.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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