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    Joanne Kelvin

    Hello! I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist, working in the field of oncology for most of my 40+ years as a nurse. In 2009 I began a Cancer and Fertility Program at a large urban cancer center, and since that time our team has provided almost 5,000 consultations to cancer patients about their options for preserving fertility and building a family. I look forward to your questions on developing a program such as ours, as well as related clinical issues.


    Hello Joanne,

    My name is Molly Thomas, MSN at Nebraska Medicine (University of Nebraska Medical Center). I will be building an Onco fertility program for our academic medical center. I am currently working in a cancer survivorship role. I have advanced oncology certification and 8 years oncology/hematology experience.

    I have a contact with a Reproductive Endocrinologist in private practice (on faculty here) that is interested in helping us mature our program. She trained at Northwestern-Chicago (Oncofertility Consortium).

    Can you share your information with me about how your consultations go? Do you have a template for your discussion?

    How do the medical oncologists, surgeons refer? Do you see them separately for this discussion and can you bill for your visit?

    Do you have a nurse navigator? Who else is a part of your team? Do the patients meet with a billing specialist to discuss cost right away?

    I will be presenting to the Medical Oncology Division meeting and Cancer Committee. Do you have a presentation you can share?

    I forsee myself seeing these patients on the same day they come for their multi disciplinary visit with Med Onc/Surgery/Radiation at diagnosis. This would not allow me to bill though as I cannot bill the same day as the medical oncologist as we are in the same department.


    Molly Thomas, MSN

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