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    Fertility is such an important part of life for many people. Finding out that you may not be able to have kids in the way you imagined can be so difficult. Most healthcare professionals get into the field because they want to help others and make them better. Having discussions like the one in the video can be difficult and it can be easy to jump into problem-solving mode.

    I appreciate how the social worker in the video made sure to focus on making sure the patient and his wife were heard. She gave them time to share about their experience and explore their thoughts and values. She made sure they were validated and empowered to make decisions that best align with their personal values and goals. This allowed her to be more effective in problem-solving with them and likely made the couple more receptive to problem-solving, as they felt heard and could trust that she understood their point of view.


    I agree that the very open-ended questions with which the social worker approached the couple allowed them to make their concerns front and center. When they presented her with facts, she always made sure to ask them how they felt about those facts before moving on to the most obvious clinical options in the face of them. This gave the couple plenty of space to think about their options in a non-judgmental atmosphere, and to create a plan that works for them to learn more about their fertility preservation options and reframe the situation in a way that works for them.


    I completely agree with both posts and I thought her pacing was very good for the topic. For me, she struck the right tone with the couple and held the more emotional moments for longer than the couple probably would have if the provider was matching their pace/level of anxiety, which I thought brought them to a good place of exploring options.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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