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    I agree with the above posts that the psychologist in the video did an excellent job with this topic. I appreciated his calm demeanor, explaining the reasoning for why it is important that they consider this topic now (regardless of what choice they make), and that there is no right/wrong–any choice is okay as long as it is one they feel they are at peace with. I also appreciate how he addressed both the parents and the minor patient when doing this. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in this type of discussion when there is a conflict of opinion between the minor patient and the parents, and if so, how they were able to manage this effectively? Thank you.


    I have not had any personal experience with this type of situation, but I did very much appreciate the psychologist commenting about no right or wrong answers as well as at one point that the discussion/decision included the patient (and mentioned his name when doing so).


    I agree with what you both said- I also was very impressed with the level of medical knowledge the psychologist had.  I think oftentimes psychologists are hesitant to discuss medical therapies and effects of treatment.  On the other hand, the medical team may be hesitant to discuss the psychosocial impacts of therapy including relationships and fertility.  This professional is a great example of why courses like this one are so important- so we can all be educated and do our best to provide patients and families with this vital information.


    I, too, thought it was a very well done interview.  The way the psychologist gently pressed to continue on the topic of fertility despite the father’s resistance was artful.


    I also was very impressed with the medical knowledge of the psychologist.  As a social worker, I do not discuss medical therapies in depth.  I keep it very general and when patient’s have more detailed medical questions,  I always refer them to the appropriate person from the medical team.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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