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    In reading previous posts, there were several good points regarding how the video conversation went and what could have been done a bit differently. A few things stood out to me while watching the video:

    1- The social worker validated the patient’s frustration around not receiving fertility information and preservation options at time of diagnosis.

    2- The social worker began this initial conversation (which will hopefully be one of multiple conversations) with simple language that could assist in rapport-building. She also refrained from using statistics that may or may not reflect this specific patients’ situation. She summarized potential risks, but also used language that was hopeful in nature as they are not yet aware of his fertility health status.

    3- When she heard that patient was concerned about his girlfriend’s reaction, the social worker offered to meet with them together in the future. This could help facilitate more accurate communication around the topic between the couple which could then aid in their decision-making process.

    Hopefully there will be more contacts between the social worker, medical team, patient and partner so that more information can be shared, options can be discussed in more detail, and questions can be addressed.

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