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    I agree with many of the other things that others have discussed about this video and the SW/Patient interaction. Especially the notion of meeting a patient where they are. I did not hear the word “baby” come out of the patient’s mouth once but heard it multiple times from the clinician. I think while fertility is an important discussion in this case, gauging where the patient is first and what they are looking to get out of this discussion is important too. Maybe listening to what the patient had to say and what they meant when he said that he “doesn’t know what this means for his girlfriend” would have helped shape the conversation better.


    I agree that one needs to meet the patient where they are. Although there is a partner in his equation, it is unknown as to what Jose and his partner were thinking with regards to sex and fertility/conception. I think at this current point in time, discussing patient emotions in the matter would be the first step, and then providing alternatives after a test of fertility would follow.

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