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    I think that the practitioner did a fabulous job at explaining the egg retrieval process.  The client was clearly anxious and also had great follow up questions.  I personally enjoyed the video which may prompt me to use the same techniques as the provider.  I found this video very helpful.


    I also found this video very helpful. It is also good to get a reminder of how much a cancer patient must face. They have so many decisions to make, a change in lifestyle to face and an incredible amount of information to take in. I would also ask the patient if she had anyone she would want to be part of that conversation, since it is so much to take in. She did have great follow up questions, which means she was clearly engaged in the conversation, but it is not always like that. In some cases, having a family member/friend/partner in that conversation is helpful, and in other cases not necessarily.


    I agree that having an “extra pair of ears” can be very helpful when dealing with processing a cancer diagnosis let alone trying to think about the process retrieval and fertility preservation options in general


    Mulfe, I enjoyed the video example as well. Knowing nothing of egg retrieval , this was very informative.  I felt the provider did offer opportunity for the patient to ask questions with brief pauses between detailed explanation.  The only thing that may have been helpful would be visual resources such as video or pictures as she is offering detailed explanation into the process.  Could just be my learning style and is a biased suggestion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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