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    The strategies I would use to provide age and developmentally appropriate information about fertility preservation to parents of a pre-pubertal child would be providing educational materials to guide parents and the patient but also refer to an REI and social worker/psychologist for further discussion. It is important to use health-related quality of life assessment tools to accurately gauge the CAYA’s physical, social and cognitive levels along with their parents’ assessment as informed consent will also include assent to any related care after a cancer diagnosis.  Speaking to both parents and CAYA in the same room may be unavoidable but fostering a trusting relationship can lead to an open discussion with all participants’ wishes and questions can be addressed. In the case of a pre-pubertal child, coloring books, exposure to peers via support groups, and play therapy could explore what the child expectations for future fertility and family planning and could also give an idea of their own understanding of the treatments they will be enduring after a diagnosis of cancer.


    Jen H. Albert, RN

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