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    I really enjoyed this video. I think the psychologist did a great job in his approach to the fertility preservation conversation with the patient and his parents. The father of the patient brought up a valid point in that often these patients may feel rushed or pressured into having to do fertility preservation. This psychologist reassured them that there is no right or wrong decision and it is entirely up to the patient. He clearly stated the goals for the discussion which focused on provided information on the options for fertility preservation and what those would look like for him. When we remind our patients that we as health care professionals are here to guide and educate them and that ultimately whatever they decide is right for them is okay, it helps to ease their stress. It is difficult to approach this conversation with adolescents as they may not be comfortable having this discussion. I think it is important to also assess, depending on the patient’s age, if he would like to discuss privately without his parents. Some may not want to discuss sexual health and fertility in front of their parents.

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