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    My first impression is that the social worker did not allow the patient to speak very much at all, nor did she encourage her to speak up or ask what her concerns might be.  It felt like she just gave a lecture.  Perhaps it would have helped to offer some written materials to the patient, following up on the topics discussed.  I just kept thinking – how much will this patient/client remember of this talk?


    I definitely agree with this observation. I think if the social worker would have prompted further questions or asked if what saying regarding “bodily fluids” and “safe sex practices” made sense to the patient/if she had questions about what that means, practically, the patient would have gotten more out of the conversation.


    Yah, that was awkward especially for the patient. It didn’t seem like the patient felt comfortable asking questions or engaging in conversation. I think it’s also not great to frame the conversation around her immune system and risk of infection. There is a lot more to sexual health in a person’s quality of life. If the patient is single, I would suspect her concerns rely around body image, self esteem and telling a partner about her diagnosis, rather than her immune system. Its important to met patients where they are at.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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