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    Does anyone know the cost of the sperm banking options?  Assuming the patient is a child, I assume the family will carry the cost of the yearly fees for storage. Are there grants/foundations helping to support children and their family with these expenses?


    The cost for sperm banking varies based on the geographic region and the facility.   The yearly storage fees in Texas range from $250-$400.   I believe Sam Fund and Livestrong offer limited assistance with storage fees.


    Hi user vccpsychologist, great question! Did you know that all our learners have access to our General Resources document that lists these types of resources? To see the list, please go to your “My Training Page,” scroll down until you see “Course Materials” (right hand side of screen), and locate “General Resources.” You will be provided with the option to open or save the document. The first page begins with  a few organizations that provide financial assistance. This document also provides resources for adoption, insurance issues, patient support, patient education, as well as resources for providers. We hope you and all our learners find it helpful! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Bianca.Augusto@moffitt.org.


    If a patient has been treated in the past , prior to becoming your patient, and received no pretreatment preparation/ planning. Would you send them to a fertility specialist. If the eggs were not harvested prior to therapy is there any data known on risk of birth defects on subsequent pregnancies?


    Hi Cynthfister! You should consider reaching out to one of our Experts who may be able to best answer your great question. To reach out to our Experts, please visit the ECHO Discussion page and find “Ask an Expert” or go to https://echo.rhoinstitute.org/echo-discussions/ask-an-expert/. Here you can directly ask your question to any of our 6 knowledgeable Experts.


    I was reading the chapter, it was mention page 125, that in Testicular CA, autoimmune pathology and dysregulation of the blood-testis barrier may play a role in impaired spermatogenesis in patient. Very interesting to continue the research about antisperm antibodies.

    Hodgkin’s lymphoma and fever-impaired spermatogenesis

    So many variables that can affect the production of sperms in the male CA patient.

    Cost-very important too!

    Thanks for your comment very helpful!

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