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    I do like that this social worker provided psychoeducation in regards to the options of care, she also provided an option of having his significant other to be present in the next visit. I would start off by assessing his understanding, the importance of fertility/infertility in his life and if he would want to have children in the future. I would also have spoken to the physician before hand to understand where he is in his treatment journey and inform the patient in regards to collaborating with the physician as well.


    I do believe the discussion should have started with an assessment of the patients understanding. And more importantly what the patients interest is on the topic of reproduction. The patient should be directing where the conversation about reproduction goes. And it is imperative to use terminology that he understands.


    I agree with you both. While watching the example, the idea game to mind to first seek knowledge as to the patient’s understanding and interest in reproduction.  The video’s intent as to how to start the conversation was an effective tool to begin the conversation.


    I agree with ladyluck73. We, as practitioners of any kind, should assess the pts understanding of what what they believe is the true issue at hand. I have found that jumping into a full on educational talk of any kind, can catch people off guard and maybe give them too much information, that they aren’t listening any more. If we let them guide us with topics it will serve both us and the patients much better. Of course, have a basic outline as to what topics need to be addressed first and make sure we get that done. However, if pt is in any distress they won’t comprehend much and we will have to have multiple meetings to fully understand each other. This is not a conversation that should be a one and done and the fact that the MSW offered for him to come back and bring his significant other is great.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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