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    I appreciated this modules emphasis on the importance of peer support. I have found that the AYA patients I have worked with feel especially isolated from their friends–their family tends to be present while their friends find it difficult to find the time to visit, difficult to relate to their circumstance, or are unsure how to be supportive. I have also worked with young adults (25, for example) who require a pediatric protocol for their treatment, and thus end up on the peds floor in the hospital (with the little kiddos) in an entirely different tower than where the adult cancer patients are housed. This has further led to isolation from a peer perspective. I have worked with the patients to find ways of promoting increased peer support, but sometimes it has been a struggle. I appreciate that our hospital has a volunteer program for AYAs called streetlight where young volunteers spend time with patients (games, video games, chatting). What are some of the peer-based supports offered in your care centers/communities? What strategies have you all found effective for promoting peer support?

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