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    I’ve struggled a bit with the interview examples thus far. The clinicians are clearly empathic and informed. They explain the issues and processes clearly and thoroughly from a patient education standpoint.  I appreciate that these are very short vignettes and given their brevity there is a limitation regarding how much interaction can be captured. In this vignette, I thought it was great that he set the context and then invited the family to share their understanding at the point of the interview. I’ve been waiting for the clinicians to create more space for the patients to share their experience! Unfortunately the provider didn’t directly speak to or validate the father’s experience of distress around their sense of being pressured to address this issue and didn’t check in with the pt and his mother and instead transitioned to a statement about there being no right or wrong choices. The latter point is definitely important to address at some point in the interview if the family is struggling with making the “right” choice though at that particular moment, it had the effect of shutting down the father.

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