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    Religious considerations are very important when considering fertility. The video displays one option of when to take into consideration religion with regard to fertility. It makes me wonder if we should discuss religious considerations with regard to fertility options prior to treatment as well. Has anyone come across this issue in their line of work?


    Great question gmorrison44! You should consider asking one of our 6 field experts who would be more than willing to answer your question (feel free to ask as many as you would like). If you are interested, use the drop down menus from My Training Page >ECHO Discussions > Ask an Expert or click the following link


    With the strong possibility of a couple only having the opportunity to address fertility after cancer treatments, the video did a great job of exploring other options and hearing the concerns of the partner.  It must be really difficult to have religious pressures when making already difficult decisions.

    We may only have the opportunity to address fertility and religion after treatment depending on where and when the patient was treated.


    This was a good video demonstrating the challenges patient experiences when religious restrictions can sometimes conflict with patients in terms of reproductive assistance technology.  It is very important to have counselors to understand the religious backgrounds and maybe to have contacts within various denominations that may be able to help the pt navigate through these discussions. Patients may not have the comfort level to bring it up members of their faith so we can serve as advocates to help them get answers.


    I really appreciated how the social worker held space for all the different emotions in this video. I think she did a wonderful job allowing for the spouse to share her thoughts and beliefs about reproductive technology. In my experience as a practicing Catholic, when it comes to family planning and reproductive tech., many people try to change my mind about things or assume that I am uneducated when it comes to what options are out there. I think this social worker handled it all beautifully –  not pushing in either direction, just holding space and allowing for doubt to be in the room.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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