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    I appreciated the increased level of interaction on this video. This interaction highlighted the importance of including partners in key conversations in order to assist the couple in coping and moving forward.

    The counselor did a nice job in drawing out the pt and his partner, providing the opening for exploring relevant issues that were gradually emerging for the couple. Pt was able to talk about his natural infertility.  Partner opened up about the impact of her religious life on decisions about fertility preservation, her wish for additional support, and the conflict she was experiencing between her commitment and love for her partner and her wish to be pregnant and bear her own children. It was a brief section of the interview that revealed so much.

    In regards to resources, I think of psychological support for pt and partner individually and as a couple (referrals to social worker, counselor, or psychologist). Peer support for the partner makes a lot of sense, particularly if the peers have faced similar fertility questions.  Our hospital based chaplains may be a good resource for the partner in exploring the religious concerns, considering that our chaplains are familiar with addressing issues at the intersection of religious practice and medical ethics.

    I also wondering if a deeper exploration may reveal supportive resources within partner’s religious and family communities that are not immediately obvious because their fit is less than ideal though still potentially important and helpful.

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