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    The situation depicted in this video is extremely difficulty as the couple’s reproductive options are limited not only by the patient’s oncofertility issues but also by the partner’s religious community. I would likely encourage the patient’s partner to consider reaching out to other religious leaders in her denomination to see whether others hold a different view on assisted reproductive technologies prior to ruling those options out. Our facility has chaplain services with multiple spiritual leaders from different religious denominations who might be able to have that conversation with the patient. I would also share resources with various religious adoption agencies in the area to allow the couple to gather more information on this pathway to building a family before making their final decision. I believe clarification of how the partner’s religious beliefs fit in with assisted reproductive technologies and information gathering on adoption would be my primary focus at this stage with this couple.


    I definitely echo your sentiment about gathering additional individuals from a similar religious view. This is a difficult topic especially because fertility preservation is time-bound and a decision has to be made rather quickly to ensure best options for the patient.


    I agree with both comments. My institution also has a Chaplain service. Consulting with a chaplain may carry less stigma than consulting with a psychologist (like myself) or social worker. I am always struck by how sometimes my chaplain colleagues can elicit certain information from patients that they are hesitant to share with me, when the basis of the conversation is about religious/spiritual well-being, rather than psychological well-being.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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