Safe Sex Practices: A Challenge to Talk About

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    I thought the conversation in this video could have gone better. I felt like the patient wasn’t given the time to really talk and that the conversation wasn’t open ended. I personally find this conversation extremely important. This is also a very conversation to have with patient’s and is very personal for them. Finding unique ways to make this conversation easier for the patient and help them to feel more comfortable to discuss these thing openly with the practitioner is key. Several other people have mentioned having a script for this conversation that the practitioner sticks to. I like this idea a lot! This allows the pratitioner to help guide the conversation and know what to say, but at the same tailoring the conversation to that unique patient and allowing them to take the reigns and guide the discussion.


    I also thought that the conversation could have gone better with a more collaborative approach. The conversation seemed to be more one-way conversation rather than giving the patient a chance to ask questions or share her experiences. By opening up conversations by asking questions, we can learn from the patient about her lived experience without making the assumption that the patient did not have any prior knowledge about safe sex practices.


    I echo your sentiment of having an outline of topics to discuss in the conversation and areas that allow room for discussing topics specific to each individual patient. As a GSM provider, it is important for patients to be given a platform to talk in a room that is affirming and non-judgemental especially for those individuals who do not present on the binary.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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