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    I felt like the conversation in this video was not very helpful. The patient was not given specific instructions regarding what to avoid and how to practice safe sex. I think if the practitioner had specified what constitutes safe sex, methods of practicing safe sex, and more depth information about why she needs to be careful, the message would have been clearer and the patient would have had a better understanding about what is expected of her. I think birth control methods also should have been discussed as she is a female of child-bearing age on active treatment. Providing the patient information about what types of methods of birth control and barriers are acceptable would have been helpful as well.


    Agreed. I would like to hear an example of a conversation discussing birth control and barrier methods. And it should be reinforced that birth control does not protect you from STI’s, and does not protect your partner from exposure to chemo (it’s unclear if chemotherapy drugs can be passed on through semen or secretions from the vagina).


    I agree.  I feel like our team goes into much more detail regarding safe sex practices.  We have many teenage patients who think they don’t need to use protection while on therapy.  We also discuss info such as how ANC and platelet count affects sexual encounters.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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