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    I thought the social worker did a wonderful job tuning into both Jose and his partner’s concerns and allowing for them to feel comfortable sharing their challenges around the infertility determination. In Jose’s case, referring him to a AYA support group to talk to others in this position may be a really helpful place for him to seek support individually while working through issues together with his partner. Additionally, asking for information from the social worker about programs that may help with funding for ART would be appropriate if and when they make that decision, but I was happy that the social worker did not mention it before they had made any decisions. For his partner, perhaps hospital religious services and partner support groups may allow her to work through her concerns. Even in our smallish cancer center, we offer a wide range of support groups for patients and partners along with counselors, some of whom specialize in working with younger patients. The counselors also offer appointments to care givers and partners.  I am unaware of our hospital’s religious services on the outpatient side, but this video was a good reminder to familiarize myself with our offerings.

    I appreciated that the social worker let the couple each speak freely about their separate concerns, as this situation very much requires both of them to feel comfortable individually with the decision they are trying to make together.

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