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    I liked how th4 provider discussed the topic on fertility preservation with the family.  I noticed he kept a very calm demeanor when explaining and speaking to the family. I especially liked how he included the 15 y.o patient as well into the discussion.  He mentioned “as long as your with peace with the decision” put a nice calm tone to the topic and helped to ensure the family that they didn’t need to rush into any decisions. I also liked how he discussed about the treatment and what effect it would have on the body especially on the brain and gonads and why it is also important to  discuss the fertility issues prior to starting on the treatment.


    Torressha, I agree. The provider kept a calm, respectful tone that had the right mix of matter-of-fact clinical talk, and compassion and empathy. I really appreciate how he allowed the patient and the family time at the very beginning of the discussion to express their concerns and questions they may have regarding all of the information they have received from the medical part of the team.


    I agree with both statements above.  Given that this adolescent is younger than 18 years of age, I appreciated the family discussion together since there is legal consent issues involved and the focus was on having peace with their choice (as mentioned above).  I felt that this discussion was informative, non-judgemental, and relaxed as to help everyone process what was being said/offered carefully and in the moment (despite their overwhelming circumstances, treatment, and unknown trajectory ahead).  The tone was perfect and one that I hope to adopt in any future challenging situations I encounter in practice regarding this difficult topic.  Thank you.


    I agree. I think the way he approached the topic and the way he spoke to both the parents and patient was very important. He allowed the patient to feel safe and comfortable enough to open up a little bit and was also able to make sure everyone felt like it was a non-judgmental environment. I think tone and empathy are very important in situations like this and they help facilitate a positive, productive conversation.

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