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    If I did not have an in-depth knowledge of the egg retrieval, I would use a team approach to move forward:

    – Consult with MD

    – Include NP/PA in regards to decision processes

    – Also include outside agency that can provide further psychoeducation as a formal consult

    – Have a nurse navigator be the champion educator in regards to such a topic

    – Also include the institutions financial counselor to review insurance coverage options if any as well

    – Review resources for financial coverage as well such as live strong foundation and private pay options


    These are all great suggestions for practices to start reaching out to expand who can talk about what, when. With this approach, alot of people are involved to help break up the influx of information at an initial talk and then provided follow up to the patient should they choose to learn more and start the process. The financial part of it all is a lot to consider and quite possibly the most misunderstood portion of this all. It would be nice to find out what is covered through insurance, what help is available.


    I’ve come back to this module discussion to revisit the team education and discussion after a patient experience at our clinic this week. As an oncology social worker I was meeting with new patient during the initial chemotherapy infusion and the patient inquired about who would be discussing fertility preservation options.  The timing of this in the midst of ECHO left me feeling that I could have language to start this discussion but also a soapbox to follow-up with our team about the missed opportunity for this patient and value of our exploration of oncofertility process at our clinic.  This patient was 45 year old and had seen her PCP just prior to cancer diagnosis to explore fertility option- this important piece did not make it into her medical summary until my interaction.  This patient was able to connect with a reproductive endocrinologist for a baseline fertility discussion and ultimately ended up not pursing preservation.  This case will be part of  my WHY as I move forward with our team to create clear guidelines for education, assessment and documentation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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