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    I would not answer this patient’s question about the process.  The majority of my pateint’s have breast cancer.  I always refer them to an endorinologist reproductive specialist when they have any fertility questions.  I explain to them that I am unable to answer those types of questions as they are outside my area of expertise.  When patients have fertility questions they are often referred by their oncologist to the reproductive specialist before I meet with them as well.


    I agree, Shelly.  I would be able to answer a few of the patient’s questions. However, I would kindly explain to the patient that I would have a referral placed to a reproductive endocrinologist. After watching this learning module I know a little more information, but still not enough to answer all of a patient’s questions knowledgeably. I would explain that the reproductive endocrinologist has the most information and will be able to lead the patient in the right direction.


    I personally do not have enough knowledge regarding this process and would clearly state to the client that her issues/questions would certainly be addressed by the Fertility specialist.  However, this module was great and certainly will assist me in conversation regarding this topic.



    If I was uncomfortable speaking to the patient about egg retrieval, then I would provider the patient with reputable resources (websites, hand-outs, etc.) and/or refer the patient to an oncofertility specialist who would be able to educate the patient accordingly.  I agree that it is important to identify limitations as a healthcare provider and accept when information is outside of scope of practice.  It is OK to say, “I don’t know” and to follow up with, “but I will find the answer to your question(s)” or “I will refer you to somebody who can help you with that.”


    I agree that at this current time, I am uncomfortable accurately answering questions about the process. I would try to find as much information as possible and provide her with knowledge. We have an oncofertility group in our practice that specializes in this. I think the best step is to place a referral to get the best answer and options for the patient.


    This process is often so lengthy that the patient is not able to participate. It can cause a delay of care for the cancer treatment. So often the patient has to make the tough decision of proceeding with there cancer treatment or waiting on referrals and hormones and surgery to retrieve eggs.


    In reference to the discussion question, I agree with previous posts that I would share information within my scope of practice, provide broad brushstrokes and handouts with next steps including possible referral sources/contact information for reproductive endocrinologists for additional/more specific information. I would also encourage them to make the appointment (or facilitate them in making the appointment as appropriate) in a timely way if they think they may be at all interested in learning more, so as not to delay cancer treatment as much as possible.




    I agree as well with the previous posts and their statements regarding making comments within my scope of practice. As a medical oncology infusion nurse, my knowledge of the actual egg retrieval process is very limited. This video was very informative and provided a lot of specifics that I was not aware of.


    I also agree.  In my personal experience, I find that I am the person that can connect the patient to resources that they need.  However, this module helped me understand the specifics and options available for patients who are interested in fertility preservation.


    I too agree with all of the above posts.  I think providing information that you are knowledgeable and comfortable with is important while also recognizing what you do not know and referring the patient to a more qualified provider.


    We need more nurse fertility champions and resources in the clinics.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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