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    I really loved watching Dr. Klosky’s video interaction with the young male patient and his family. As a psychologist-in-training myself, it was an incredible learning opportunity to see the way he approached this clinical encounter. I especially appreciated the fact that he discussed content and process during the lecture in terms of what information was covered as well as what specific strategies he used in order to address this content in the most engaging and sensitive way. I liked the way he used humor, personal reflection, and a process approach to acknowledge the challenges of discussing such sensitive material for a young person with a doctor they have just met. I also liked the way he varied his language and used multiple terms for certain concepts, seemingly to try to match with the patient’s style of language and also be sure the psychoeducation was well understood. I also really appreciated how patient and reassuring he was, never pressuring or rushing the patient to come to a decision but moreso trying to work with the patient by getting to know him and his values-system and framing the discussion within these domains.

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