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    I thought that this video was a good demonstration of how vast a topic is of infertility.  It felt very overwhelming to listen to all of the options, what could be done, etc. But mostly it felt odd to me because they didn’t first have a discussion of patient’s chemo regimen and risk factors for infertility.  I feel that they should have started by looking at or consulting with someone to see what his risk of infertility was based on his chemo regimen.  Did he even receive alkylating chemos in his regimen.  It felt well intentioned but a bit like we were putting the cart in front of the horse for this very first discussion.


    I also shared this concern in my post about who should be talking about it. Perhaps a more broad introduction like this would be beneficial prior to the start of treatment to give non specific information. Then once treatment is established, the doctor and patient could talk about more specifically what their treatment plan would be and the result of that on the persons fertility. This would mean the patient would have some information to discuss with the doctor if that option was possible depending on their treatment plan.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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