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    As someone who used to work on educating the general public on referring to things in anatomically correct terms and avoiding slang I think the is something that could be worked on. I think she also could have taken more time to get to know him, his understanding of the situation and when he found out that is fertility was impacted. If it was during that meeting I think more time showed have been allowed to grieve that knowledge. It also felt bit impersonal and check boxed.

    I do know from my experience working as an inpatient PA in leukemia/lymphoma/myeloma often times out patients come to us in crisis and we are doing everything we can to stabilize them. While I do try still ask thereabout fertility some of them are in too much shock to really process the information at that time. I think there is also a component of just worry about living to your next birthday where to think much beyond that, particularly if they aren’t in a committed relationship. I know at my institution as part of work up for BMT it includes fertility preservation consult but at that point they have already been exposed to alkylating agents.

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